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Tracks Individual Currencies.

Separate the toys from tools. Every Professional Currency Trader Needs a Currency Strength Chart.  It is your edge!

AccuStrength is more than a simple forex currency strength meter. It is a full-featured currency strength charting platform!

It displays the strength or weakness of 10 individual currencies using  unbiased data from Datacompile "ProFeed", the world standard in strength measurement.  Binary options or Forex trading will benefit from this vital forex currency strength fx meter supercharge. Kids play with toys, not professional foreign exchange traders.

A special window into the FX Market.

"This is the most sophisticated and Intelligent trading tool available.  It gives you a way to consistently make a profit in forex or binary option currencies. " (Tom Yeomans)

Trading package comes with an easy to learn strength trading system called the ForexGrail.

The currency strength meter works for Forex and Binary options traders.  The currency strength chart proves itself over and over again. 

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