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Change Losers to Winners!

This Currency Strength Chart will show you the exact condition of a single currency or ten!  

Currency Strength FX Power Chart.

The AccuStrength is more than a simple currency strength meter. Its a full featured currency strength charting platform with history and drawing tools. A freebie strength meter is too simple and unreliable for a professional fx trader. 

The AccuStrength displays the strength and weakness among 10 individual currencies. Seeing the true condition of each currency in real time will shoot your win ratio through the roof!  The AccuStrength contains its own unbiased data compiled from the worlds leading banks. 

AccuStrength is a serious tool for professional foreign exchange traders!  AccuStrength currency strength chart has the features you need to succeed. A home trader needs every edge they can get. Until now, only large investers could afford an accurate strength chart.  This is the edge a trader working from home needs.

A special window into the foreign exchange.

"This is the most sophisticated and Intelligent trading tool available. AccuStrength is a tool that compliments each trader and their personal resources. It teaches you a way to systematically and consistently make a profit. " (TomYeomans)

History Scroll back

The  chart shows up to 96 hours at one time!  You will scroll through the week to test your trading strategy.

Drawing Tools 

A full collection of line drawing  tools with save features makes this FX meter indispensable.

Email and Audio Alerts

The AccuStrength system sends an email  alerting you to user set strengths. Level and proximity alarms.

Built-in Data Supply

No biased third party brokers. Accustrength contains its own forex data feed made up leading banks and delivered through ProFeed fx..

10 currencies

The ten most important individual currencies for binary options and fx traders. Real time, up to the second, fx market conditions .

strength movies
Movie Collection

The movie collection of the fx meter will let you see a variety of forex and binary market strength chart conditions! Shows the forex currency strength meter in action. 

Easy to learn system

The methodology we provide in the ebook and movies improves all trading systems and lets you build a foundation.. The currency strength meter works for Forex and Binary options traders.  The currency strength chart fx meter proves itself over and over again. 

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