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Forex Individual Currency Strength Chart.

Every FX Currency Trader Needs a professional grade Currency Strength Chart . 

AccuStrength is a full-featured Currency Strength Charting Platform with 10 world currencies and its own data feed.

With history for backtesting! 10 individual currencies using  data from Datacompile "ProFeed". (The world standard in strength measurement.)  Binary options or Forex trading will benefit from this vital forex currency strength fx meter supercharged windows software program. with features  that Forex currency professionals need.

Now we have an API of currency strength data for developers!

A special window into the FX Market.

"AccuStrength is the most Intelligent trading tool available. " (Tom Yeomans)

This is a tool created by professioanls for professionals.

The currency strength meter with chart,  is designed for serious fx traders. The currency strength chart proves itself over and over again.  Click below for more information.

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