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AccuStrength Currency Strength Charting Platform


Match a strengthening currency against a weakening currency.

You need to know how an individual currency is doing by itself. Banks, brokers, and investment houses buy currencies. Not pairs. Seeing the trending strength of an individual currency makes a huge difference. It can turn hobby pips into a professional profits.
Choosing the BEST pair is maximizing profit and pips in your pocket.

accustrength in action

Unique Accustrength One of a Kind Features Include:

10 major currencies displayed individually or in combinations. Scroll back up to one week at a time and see what happened while you were offline.

Draw trend lines and grid lines

Contains its own bank quality data supply

History and scrollback

Themes and saving line patterns

Fully adjustable timing from one hour to seven days 

Works with all brokers and all charts.

3 alert types including Email, levels and crosses

Line control console

Data cursor 3 levels

Web Adminstration area

Security certificate software approved

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