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"AccuStrength is a single currency strength chart. An individual currency indicator. 

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When you add a currency strength meter to your current trading system,after an hour or two it just begins to make sense. You know what you have found. Without knowing the strength or weakness of the individuals involved in your pair, you are shooting from the hip.
This dependable and accurate windows software program is a full blown currency strength charting platform. With built-in data!

The currency strength meter strips forex pairs to chart the actual strength of individual currencies. 

Currency strength meters with charts show the true direction of the market. It is the brokers way of looking at currencies. Its your edge.

A pair chart can only tell us part of the story. Single currency charts like AccuStrength make them complete.

AccuStrength is a Windows desktop currency strength charting platform. Designed for professional fx traders. 

 Combine your pair chart with AccuStrength for maximum effect.

Currency Strength History Storage 

A currency strength meter needs to have a chart and history.  An accurate currency strength meter is an excellent forex trading tool but "more data" is everything when back testing forex trading strategies. 

On Chart Drawing tools.

Currency strength line drawing tools allow you to customize your platform to suit your individual tastes.

Email or sound Alerts

You always know the  strength of an individual currency even while on the go.  The individual currency you select is  set to let you know when a level is reached.

Built-in ProFeed strength Data

AccuStrength uses the world standard data for currency strength measurements. ProData by DataCompile. 

10 Currencies

The strength of ten individual currencies are among 54 pairs This forex currency strength chart performs.

 The  currency strength meter indicator comes with a simple forex trading system designed for currency strength charts in particular. 

"Think of AccuStrength like an additive for your gasoline. It enhances every position you take."
Tom Yeomans

Using a currency strength indicator in your trading will send your win/loss ratio through the roof! The knowledge gained from reading the currency strength meter will guide your trades effectively. AccuStrength is a powerful tool that works along side of any regular forex pair chart. and supercharges every fx or binary trading system. You have to try it to believe it.


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Please use me in a testimonial. Since subscribing to your product I have Increased my ability to find awesome setups in the foreighn exchange so much more quickly, than flipping through cart after chart by letting accustrength find them for me! Thx again for the best tool i have yet to find in Trading. - Eric Rail

Good morning. Accustrength is really a remarkable tool. This is my go to guy in trading, my basis in trading. Thanks for the creativity.
God Bless to you and your team. Respectfully, Raul
I would like to thank you and your team for coming out with this excellent tool. The AccuStrenght Currency strength meter. This is really an incredible tool for forex traders. Before buying this tool i was not sure when to enter the market and was also confused which pair I should enter. But this tool not only increased my profit but also my trading activity. Now my profit has increased by over 200% and my trading activity by over 500%. I would like to know if you have any other product from your company so that i can buy closing my eyes. I once again thank you and congratulate your team for this wonderful invention. - Regards Sreejan K


Squeeze the most profit out of every forex trade . The AccuStrength individual currency strength meter with ebook shows you how to win fx trades.  Wipe the smirk off your buddies faces with this tool. Voted number 1 currency strength meter tool by professional fx traders!
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