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 The Accustrength currency strength chart shows the condition of individual currencies involved in forex pairs.

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This is a full blown currency strength meter charting platform designed to run on any Windows computer all versions and MacPro using the emulator. The software has built-in data from industrial sources outside the reach of individual traders.

 AccuStrength is a powerful FX trading tool that will adapt to any trading system. It second guesses all types of forex methodologies. It can save you from  poor trades .

The AccuStrength  will make your entries and exits more effective since you will see with your own eyes, the general trends in market strength for the individuals involved. 
Having a currency strength chart at your disposal just makes sense if you speculate in the foreign exchange.

The strength number on both sides of the strength chart represents that currency’s value as a single currency among all the pairs contributing to the calculation. For example, when we see the USD line moving up on the strength chart it means that particular currency is active within all the currencies. Not just one pair. 

This means you can find the most profitable pairs to trade based on their strength chart readings.

What trading system do I use with it?

The AccuStrength is a trading tool that explodes the win/loss ratio of any trading system you add it to.  Seriously, try it out! You will see what I mean. However, people who were not referred here by a guru or group need something to get them started. So you get the ForexGrail ebook free along with about 40 movies showing how I have been trading since 2004. It always helps when you know the secrets of applying strength calculations.  

 It’s a wonderful way to become acquainted with currency strength trading.

advanced currency strength settings

  A currency strength meter rips 54 forex pairs to chart 10 individual currencies.

 Enter and Exit for maximum accuracy.

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Currency Strength History Storage 

A currency strength meter needs to have a chart and history.  More forex strength data is everything when back testing forex trading strategies. Currency meter.

Forex Strength Chart Drawing tools.

Currency fx strength meter with chart, has line drawing tools to suit your individual tastes for this remarkable currency meter.

Single Currency  index meter with Alerts

The fx currency strength indicator is a forex strength chart.The strength meter lets you know when a level is reached using sound and email alerts.

Built-in strength Data with forex strength chart.

AccuStrength fx strength chart uses the world standard data for currency strength measurements. 

10 Currencies on the currency strength index

The currency index measures the strength of ten individual currencies.

single currency index
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bounce and currency strength meters

Learn how Currency Strength charts will supercharge your FX trading!

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Patterns and opportunities abound when you have a currency strength chart.

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The AccuStrength currency strength meter with ebook shows you how to win fx trades. . Voted number 1 currency strength meter tool by professional fx traders!This powerful fx trading tool will make you a winner.
Manufactured by: Tradetime Software
Model: AccuStrength 5
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