Individual Currency Strength Viewer / Meter/Chart

     AccuStrength is a Windows single currency charting platform dedicated exclusively to plotting individual currencies. It presents a clear picture of  an individual currency.

When you see the strength of an individual go up, you can be there! When it goes down, jump aboard! There is nothing like this tool. Take a look around this website and change your life forever!

currency meter

The AccuStrength displays 10 FX Majors.

 Unique Features Include:

10 major currencies displayed individually or in combinations. Scroll back up to one week at a time and see what happened while you were offline.

Currency Cross and Level Alarm

Draw trend lines.

Strength data is included.

Completely adjustable chart display.

Full color control over everything.

No special broker needed. Works with all brokers and all charts.

Email alerts for levels and crosses

Security certificate software approved


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