Displays Strength for 10 Individual Currencies.


Using up to 54 pairs gives AccuStrength unequalled accuracy in the measurement of individual currencies for foreign exchange traders .

Features of AccuStrength

  • Windows Software Program with Data.

  • Historical Storage

  • Adjustable Proximity and Strength level Alarms

  • Trend line Management Console

  • Unbiased Data from the worlds leading banks.

  • Complete User adjustable chart display

  • Grid and variable line thickness

  • Email alarm with sound for levels or currency crosses

  • This is not toy. This is a professional Currency Strength Charting platform

  • All upgrades to AccuStrength are included.

  • A currency strength chart plots and graphs the pressures exerted on individual currencies. This tool calculates strength from up to fifty-four Forex pairs and isolates the top ten Individual currencies.

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    accustrength 5
    AccuStrength 5
     Currency Strength Charting Platform
     Includes Industrial level Strength Data cards


    AccuStrength 5
     6 Month Subscription

    $199.95 CAD

    Semi-annual subscription Includes data feed plus eBook and movies with satisfaction 10 Day Make it Pay Guarantee.

    AccuStrength 5
     1 Year Subscription


     Annual subscription Includes data feed plus eBook , movies with satisfaction 10 Day Make it Pay Guarantee.

    AccuStrength 5
     5 Year Subscription
    $995.00 CAD

    Five year subscription Includes data feed plus eBook, movies, with satisfaction 10 Day Make it Pay Guarantee.


    You have our "10 Days to Make it Pay "guarantee.

    Runs on all Windows or Mac Emulators.


    Other payment options and processors can be arranged by special request.

    Includes data plus eBook and movies.
    10 day Make it pay or your money back!


    3157313ns ltd.

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    Trading Without It Is Like Driving My Car Without Headlights.

       I am using it you said " think like a banker, and how they would look at things." Mind you it has taken me a while to get back up, as my funds for trading where somewhat limited. I would like to thank you again for your kindness, and all the effort you put into your " movies " and advice. Also, I wanted to tell you that I encouraged two of my sons to purchase the AccuStrength Meter.

    Kind regards from Bill T

    The "Can't Live Without" Tool for My Trading

    If you're reading this you've undoubtedly already heard about all the great things people have had to say about the Currency Strength Meter, and I've experienced a lot of the same results that everyone else has. But more importantly, besides helping you find great trades, I've found that the AccuStrength does a phenomenal job of KEEPING YOU OUT OF TRADES that you other wise might have gotten into without it. The currency meter  has become the "can't live without" tool for my trading. It's made trading FUN again.

    Pat C , Long Island, NY

     I liken my trading without it to driving my car without headlights. With it I can tell where i need to go. Knowing which currency is strong and which is weak shows me which pairs to trade, knowing how strong and how weak tells me which trade will be successful. The meter has removed the guess work about a currency moving up or down, and has helped make me a profitable trader.

    Euell F

    A View of the Markets People Seldom Think About .

    The Currency Strength Meter shows a view of the markets people seldom think about, and a view that no other indicator can....Real Time strength and weakness. Turns a simple system into a money maker. With Tom's tool you can make those systems that only worked some of the most of the time. The AccuStrength is a true innovation and a key to your Forex success.

    Jeff N

    The Guiding Light . . . Couldn’t Trade Without It

    I have been using the Currency meter and ForexGrail for approx. 1 year. My day starts with the Grail. It is the guiding light to identify which currencies I want to follow that day. Couldn't trade without it!

    Thanks a million


     Wouldn’t Think About Pulling the Trigger Without It. It's become a necessary tool. Wouldn't think about pulling the trigger without using it.

    Mark S

    This is the first testimonial I have ever given. Most of the tools and systems sold to Forex traders just do not add any value. The currency meter is different. Apart from candle charts it is the only other tool I use. Thanks for making it available.


    Martin B,  Portugal


    Essential Part of My Trading “Toolbox”

    The ForexGrail and AccuStrength are an increasingly essential part of my trading "toolbox". In these turbulent times with lurid headlines and an oversupply of "non trading" experts, it is great to be able to see the wood from the trees by knowing which pairs really are the best to concentrate on at any particular time. I have found this tool to be invaluable and can only thank you sincerely for all your time and effort in producing such a wonderful aid.

    Kind Regards,


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