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A currency strength meter chart combo is a tool that just makes sense.. One look and you see the trends and  movements of  single currencies.Before attempting to make a trade, first check out  how the currencies you are about to use have been behaving. If you are going to use the popular eurusd combination, see what is happening with the EURO itself.

See what has been going on for the US dollar on its own.  The currency strength meter will show you the individuals and give you an idea of its actual strength or weakness. You use this important data when its is time to pulll the trigger for a trade. Or, an exit.

Are updates included ?
Yes.  All software updates are free and performed automatically when you log in.  All time packages include all the bonus material mentioned above.

Can I use it on more than one computer?
Yes but not at the same time. Your unique passwords will allow you to use AccuStrength and its data wherever you happen to be. Show a friend, or take it on the road with you. Any windows machine will work. The only rule is not to use the passwords on multiple machines at the same time.
Is AccuStrength for day traders?
It will work with all Forex trading systems from one minute to eight hours. The reading of currency strength is universal. Seeing the trends and activity of a single currency makes sense for all time frames and all traders exchanging foreign currencies.  Since it has history, It will display several days of currency strength readings and still allow scrolling for up to a week.
Data Renewal time?
You simply go on line and re-purchase another term for the AccuStrength currency strength meter instantly. Each platform has an expiry time indicator on the platform. Renew or upgrade anytime. No need to download and install again.

Should you experience problems processing payments or would like to arrange alternative methods, we are happy to work with you. Throughout your experience support is rapid and friendly. Billing is through Tradetime Software. Contact us through email:

Squeeze the most profit out of every forex trade . The AccuStrength individual currency strength meter with ebook shows you how to win fx trades.  Wipe the smirk off your buddies faces with this tool. Voted number 1 currency strength meter tool by professional fx traders!
Manufactured by: Tradetime products
Model: AccuStrength 5
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