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The AccuStrength currency strength indicator, has all the features and options that a professional forex trader needs to have at their disposal.  It is a forex trading tool every trader needs to have at their disposal.

Features of AccuStrength.

"The AccuStrength currency strength meter and chart is a full blown software platform with  professional unbiased data! This is a high quality currency strength meter capable of seeing individual currency strength or weakness. This FX strength tool is the best available. 

The currency strength meter and charting relies on a system of fail-safes in our server infrastructure to insure reliable data is transmitted to our software. The real-time data feed uses state of the art transmission technologies to provide all AccuStrength clients with unbiased data. High quality and accurate display of currency strength is universal for all our clients. Our unbiased data comes from ProData feed at DataCompile.

Forex Currency Strength Chart.

 Features and Benefits of using a currency strength indicator. 

  • Currency strength history tick by tick for up to one full week

  • Email and audio alerts (Strength levels and currency crossovers). 

  • Trend line creation and advanced management

  • Customized Colors and themes

  • ForexSnap web based companion included

  • Adjustable timing down to 4 seconds covering 54 forex pairs.

  • Built-in data from Datacompile.

  • The ForexGrail Trading eBook Included

  • More than 40 Movies and seminars.

    The concept behind the  AccuStrength currency strength index platform is to have time-saving options like line drawing and personal colour themes.  You can save all your line work with your choice of  colors, width and pattern.

currency strength settings tab inside accustrength

Full user control of colour, lines, grids and background. Line thickness, timing and background color change. 


advanced currency strength settings tab

    Alarms for currency strength level and currency crosses. Audio desktop sounds are customizable. This is a forex trading tool that makes a difference to your trading.

currency strength tool with line drawing.
Save your settings to bring back at another time. This currency strength meter has it all.
    multiple timing signals for long or short range.

The currency strength data from datacompile has a unique algorithm that calculates the changes among 54 commonly traded forex pairs. We select the top eight most traded Individuals and display them through the software interface.  Only Pro-Feed from DataCompile factors in a "currency weight" for each individual that affects more change than others. 


     The currency strength index charting platform measures the changes among all forex pairs. This will become a vital piece in the puzzle.

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Prices and details of current offerings.

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Squeeze the most profit out of every forex trade . The AccuStrength individual currency strength meter with ebook shows you how to win fx trades.  Wipe the smirk off your buddies faces with this tool. Voted number 1 currency strength meter tool by professional fx traders!
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