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AThe ForexSnap runs on all devices capable of running an internet browser.


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This is the purchase page for the ForexSnap Currency Strength Charting platform . Data is included in every plan.

  • History 

  • Email and audio alerts  

  • Trend line  Management

  • Custom Colors and themes

  • ForexSnap web FX chart.

  • Adjustable timing

  • The ForexGrail  eBook 

  • 5 Stages to becoming a professional movie series

  • Personal email support

forexgrail ebook
ForexGrail Strength Trading eBook: 
A For those who are looking for a great trading system, this super simple Forex  system comes with AccuStrength.  Step by Step directions walk you through the system quickly.

5 stages movies

5 Stages of becoming a professional trader movie series: Get immediate access to The "Five Stages of Becoming a Professional Trader" Movie series by Tom Yeomans. The movies will show the variety of  patterns to take advantage of this amazing trading tool.

Free Bonus: the ForexSnap web chart strength meter for accustrength owners on the go.

forexsnap web

 Works with all Internet capable devices. All phones and all tablets. The ForexSnap is a little brother companion to our software version that will work on cellphones, Linux or Mac's. 

forexsnap on iphone  


The ForexSnap is a web application that displays the same accurate data as the AccuStrength Currency Strength Charting Platform. It shows you how 8 individual currencies are performing against each other.

The ForexSnap was originally designed to go through firewalls for AccuStrength clients trading at the office. 

It works with all iphone, cellphones and android devices. This special program reduces the processor and data load significantly so those on fixed data or  dialup will love this powerful Forex trading tool.




The ForexSnap will allow you to select from 28 different strength pair combinations.

Runs on Any Internet capable device. 28 pairs and 8 individual currency strengths. The snap can be used on any desktop computer or laptop/netbook.     



  • Currency Strength is displayed as a line over time.

  • This is not a freebie meter. Its a powerful App

  • Select from 28 strength pair comparisons among 8 major currencies.

  • Web accessible devices will work.

  • The ForexSnap is designed to reduce the load on your web device or desktop. Great for those on dialup or data billing.

The formula for this amazing Forex Tool analyzes the top Forex pair prices to find the healthiest and weakest among the top 8 currencies. A four-hour view (240 minutes) is displayed on a chart. (From a drop down menu.)

Unique features of ForexSnap

  • Built-in data. No broker or charts needed.

  • Calculations derived using the same currency strength algorithm as the AccuStrength.



Companion individual currency strength tool Works with all Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and most browser capable devices.




The ForexSnap is a " little-brother" companion to our AccuStrength version yet is more accurate and powerful than any strength meter out there. The ForexSnap allows you to look in on how the currencies are interacting at home, the office, or on the go.  28 currency strength combinations of the most popular 8 major currencies. This version fits the bill when our clients need to know accurate and reliable currency strengths. Built-in data. Data included.

You can own the ForexSnap for only $49.99 a year!


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This is a one year subscription for the ForexSnap. This package comes with the 5 Stage Movies and Forexgrail trading system ebook. Click buy now to get started right away.



Runs on every device that can access the internet and run a browser.


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