The ForexSnap is a web application that displays the same accurate data as the AccuStrength Currency Strength Charting Platform but is displayed through a web browser window. It is easy to run and gives anyone on the go, using any operating system or device, an instant snap picture of the individual currencies involved in the forex market every ten seconds.

It shows you how 8 individual currencies are performing against each other graphically during a trading day!

currency strength meter moving.

The ForexSnap will allow you to select from 28 different strength pair combinations.

Runs on Any Internet capable device that can display pictures.

8 individual currency strengths are measured every four seconds over four hours and displayed in realitme on the ForexSnap.

The forexsnap can be used on any desktop computer or laptop/net book, cellphone, feature phones.
All operating systems. Google, Mac's, Linux, Windows, Android, iphone.



How is the Forex Snap different from the AccuStrength?

The AccuStrength has more flexibility and features since it is a full featured currency strength charting platform, but the data readings and measurements are the same for ForexSnap currency strength indicator. Our intention is to enable Mac, Linux, and any type of operating system client to have access to professional currency strength measurement tool that tilts the table in your favour. Phones, web devices, Ipads and Iphones. If it can display a jpeg image, the Snap will work perfectly.

Are chart size and times adjustable?

No. The chart is fixed with 4 hours time but you can detach the window and adjust size to suit your tastes. The screen shows a 600 minute view updated every 10 seconds in live time which the serious currency strength meter users agree is perfect for intraday trading.

The Snap can show currency strength trends that have been developing. The line represents 240 minutes of activity.

What am I seeing?

You are seeing the pressure and strength of an individual currency represented as a line from a selection of up to 54 different forex pair combinations. The ForexSnap shows one individual currency strength against another individual currency strength.

single currency viewer.


  • Live time Currency Strength is displayed as a line over time.

  • Select from 28 individual currency strength pair comparisons among 8 major currencies.

  • The ForexSnap is designed to reduce the load on your web device or desktop. 

  • Great for those on dial up or data billing.

Unique features of ForexSnap

  • Built-in data. No broker or special charts needed. Works right away for everyone.

  • The data is derived using the same currency strength algorithm as the AccuStrength



Companion individual currency strength tool Works with all Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and most browser capable devices like android, apple, BB,BSD etc.


forexsnap2 currency meter.


The ForexSnap may be a " little-brother" companion to the software AccuStrength version, yet it is still more accurate and powerful than any competitive strength meter out there. 

The ForexSnap allows you to look in on how the currencies are interacting at home, the office, or on the go.  28 currency strength combinations of the most popular 8 major currencies. This version fits the bill when our clients need to know accurate and reliable currency strengths. Built-in data included. Office Firewalls are no problem.

What Is A Currency Strength Meter?

The strength of an individual currency is measured by its interactions with other pairs containing the currency we are interested in seeing. In order to see how the USD is doing among its  peers, we must measure the rate of change among the 7 other pairs containing the USD..EURUSD, USDCAD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY..Then measure each of the seven other currencies for their interactions in various combinations.

By tracking the rates of change among carefully selected Forex pairs, we can determine individual currency " Strength". The ForexSnap doesn't take up valuable processor resources by requiring special brokers and charts to run. It simply taps into the central database to see real time strength numbers just like its big brother and sends back a snapshot to your browser. No special brokers or charts required.

Why is knowing individual currency strength important?

Knowing an individual currencies strength just makes sense. Knowing actual currency strength identifies true support and resistance areas.  Although very few systems seem to pay attention to individual currency strength, every professional knows about a currencies tendency to trend for long periods of time. Even in intraday time periods. You are trading the
foreign exchange so you must know how an individual is fairing against its peers. Having a tool like this beside you no matter what system you use, logically computes. It will supply you with the missing piece of the puzzle. Without  knowing currency strength, how can you have confidence in the signals your system is giving you?  No meter is like driving at night without headlights. No matter what method you use to trade, if you don't know how the individuals are doing, its like being blind. This tool will guide you through the market and confirm entries and exits raising your win to loss ratio.

Does the Snap teach me how to trade?

 It is a valuable trading tool that can be integrated into every trading system. Even super profitable Forex systems are boosted using the currency meter for entry and exit guidance. It's a second valuable opinion. It boosts your confidence and winning trades instantly.


Runs on every device.

The ForexSnap is offered with all the AccuStrength packages but it can be purchased separately for just $49.95 US semi-annual !


You have a 10 day money back guarantee to decide if this tool is for you.  Arrangements can be made for upgrading to the full desktop version AccuStrength anytime



Can I share my password? Can I run the app on several machines at once?

 No. Your unique password is only able to activate one instance of the program at a time. Restricting access this way allows you to use it anywhere and on any device.  It doesn't matter what device or machine you use it with as long as it has a browser and can display jpeg pictures. But the passwords can only be in effect on one at a time! This works great for people on the go.

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