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The strength rating of an individual currency is like a health checkup. This Windows software currency strength meter isolates 10 of the most popularly traded individual currencies.

Accurate currency strength measurement using a tool specifically designed as a currency strength indicator.

"The AccuStrength is a fully customizable charting platform with one-of-a-kind currency strength meter features. Why would you trust huge amounts of trading volume to a freebie  currency meter? Smarten up! Get the best tools available to you! Your trading success is resting on it.

The AccuStrength uses data sources that retail traders can't afford.. A reliable and solid data infrastructure is imperative in strength measurement.

This is how a Currency Strength Chart works for you.

The AccuStrength rips from among all forex pairs to find the activity strength of 10 individual currencies. It shows you the pressures applied to individuals by all of the other currencies.

working with strength

FX currencies are measured, using a special algorithm developed specifically for AccuStrength.


Find activity by looking through all the currencies. Locate good candidates.

the euro strength line.

The currency strength meter has shown two pairs running neck in neck.


Now you just pull up the pair chart with both currency pairs and look for technical signals..

The ForexGrail ebook gives you the fundamentals of understanding currency strength and provides you with an easy to learn system.

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Currency strength chart analysis can be performed using trend lines and tools. AccuStrength is a tool that works to improve any trading system you happen to throw at it. 

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 You will have access to over 40 movies and seminars on strength trading methods and running features for currency strength analysis.

Back testing capability

Drawing and saving

Full user preferences in color selections and the ability to save setups.

Alarms for levels and currency crossings.

Nothing on the market is comparable to AccuStrength

Quantifying an individual currency requires fast computing using institutional data sources.The Datacompile feed is excellent and reliable since the hard work is performed by our super servers.. Datacompile is the world standard in Currency strength measurement for forex strength charts.

     AccuStrength runs independently of your broker or pair chart.

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