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AccuStrength Includes built-in data, alarms, themes, history and more!

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Adding a currency strength meter or Forex strength chart to your current trading system, gives you vital information on market activity.

Built-in data from the top industrial sources.This is the top FX trading tool.

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Various sizes and backgrounds can be saved. Trend lines and markers can be saved. Click here for the AccuStrength currency strength indicator movie.

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The AccuStrength currency strength meter with chart and its own data has pro features that will make you more effective. Alarms for both currency crosses as well as levels are essential ingredients for a successful trade.

  This Forex strength meter separates pairs into single currencies.

FX Currency strength meter will show the true direction of the market. It is a Currency Strength Indicator!

A normal pair chart tells us part of the story. Forex strength charts will fill the gap.

FX strength meter Back testing with historical fx strength data.

The Forexgrail ebook and movies will show you when to enter and exit for maximum accuracy.

Currency Strength History Storage 

A currency strength meter needs to have a chart and history.  More forex strength data is everything when back testing forex trading strategies. Forex strength.

On Chart Drawing tools.

Currency fx strength chart, has line drawing tools to suit your individual tastes.


The individual fx strength meter lets you know when a level is reached using sound and email alerts.

Built-in strength Data

AccuStrength fx strength chart uses the world standard data for currency strength measurements. 

10 Currencies

The currency index measures the strength of ten individual currencies. The fx strength chart rules.

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Learn how Currency Strength charts will supercharge your FX trading!

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Patterns and opportunities abound when you have a currency strength meter. This is the best currency meter on the market!

Click here to learn how an fx strength chart and currency strength meter work for your trading.

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The AccuStrength currency strength meter with ebook shows you how to win fx trades. Voted number 1 currency strength meter tool by professional fx traders seven years running!
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