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AccuStrength package includes everything you need to get started.  Ebook instructions, movies and support. This FX currency strength chart will change the way you see the currencies market!  

 Tradetime Software.

ForexGrail Currency Strength Trading eBook companion to the AccuStrength
forexgrail ebook shows how to do it..

five stages of forex strength
5 Stages of becoming a forex Professional Online Pro FX Trading movie collection

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ForexSnap web version. Works with all Internet capable devices. Linux, Mac, Android and iphone.Comes with AccuStrength.

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Testimonials are from happy AccuStrength customers.

Hi Tom,
     I am using my AccuStrength you said " think like a banker, and how they would look at things." I encouraged my sons to purchase the AccuStrength strength chart as well.

Gene- USA

I Double My Trading Capital Every Month!

 Hi Tom.    I have had phenomenal results. I can't thank you enough. This past year with the US economy going a little soft my job in home improvement sales has been progressively more difficult. With a little bit of study I have been able to take your system and now have a "second" job. Your system and the concept of producing small daily gains has changed my life.

Chris -USA

The "Can't Live Without" Tool for My Trading

      If you're reading this you've undoubtedly already heard about all the great things people have had to say about the AccuStrength Currency Strength Chart, and I've experienced a lot of the same results that everyone else has. But more importantly, besides helping you find great trades, I've found that the AccuStrength does a phenomenal job of KEEPING YOU OUT OF TRADES that you other wise might have gotten into without it. The AccuStrength  has become the "can't live without" tool for my trading. It's made trading FUN again.

Pat  : Long Island, NY

Trading Without It Is Like Driving My Car Without Headlights.

      I liken my trading without it to driving my car without headlights. With it I can tell where i need to go. Knowing which currency is strong and which is weak shows me which pairs to trade, knowing how strong and how weak tells me which trade will be successful. The AccuStrength has removed the guess work about a currency moving up or down, and has helped make me a profitable trader.

Euell - Estonia

A View of the Markets People Seldom Think About .

      The Currency Strength Chart shows a view of the markets people seldom think about, and a view that no other indicator can....Real Time strength and weakness. Turns a simple system into a money maker. With this tool you can make those systems that only worked some of the most of the time. The AccuStrength is a true innovation and a key to your Forex success.

Jeff  - UK

AccuStrength Currency Strength Meter Charting platform packages below:

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The Quarterly AccuStrength 90 Days.This package Includes the AccuStrength windows software complete with data for 90 days. You will get the ebook ForexGrail and 5 Stages of Professional Forex Trading movies free. This will not auto-rebill. 10 day money back period. Click here to purchase with Bitcoin.

PURCHASE Accustrength quarterly NOW

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The 6 month AccuStrength software with data. 180 day subscription
. Includes all the bonuses and features like movies, ebook and full support. This will not auto-rebill. Click here to purchase.

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AccuStrength software and data Annual ( 1Year) 365 day subscription. Includes all the bonuses and features like the 5 stages movies and ebook plus support.. This will not autorebill.

PURCHASE AccuStrength 1 year NOW

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AccuStrength 5 year subscription.60 months of data and software upgrades. Comes with all the bonuses and features including ForexSnap.

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Lifetime subscription.
All updates and upgrades are included. Free admission to seminars, webinars and personal instruction. Click here to purchase.

PURCHASE Lifetime AccuStrength NOW

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Guaranteed satisfaction for 10 days or your money back.
  10 days to make it pay
Don't worry. All new purchasers have a "10 days to make it pay" money back guarantee. No strings attached.

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The AccuStrength uses the MS dotNet framework so it will work on all versions of Windows and MacPro using the Windows emulator. 99% of our clients have no problems installing the software.

Frequently asked questions about AccuStrength

Is it possible to make the time scale adjustable to e.g. 1 min,5min,15min,30min ?

Strength charts show every nuance in strength or weakness of 54 pairs every four seconds instead of averaging movement over a time period like a standard pair price chart. So traditional periods of time do not apply to the strength chart. AccuStrength chart width showing time is completely adjustable and can display the activity from 1 hour to 600 hours without scrolling. You can scroll back a full week further if you want.

  Can I use AccuStrength with Forex or Binary Option trading?

Currencies are currencies. The currency strength meter with chart, clearly shows the behavior of individuals or combinations of currencies. The patterns displayed on the individual currencies strength chart applies to forex, commodities, binary option currencies, and any market depending on a currency.

Do I need a certain broker or charting system?
No. This software has its own data feed. Data is provided through DataCompile, a world leader in forex currency strength measurement. Since forex data is inconsistant, they combine several sources of data to find a more accurate price.

Can I use it on more than one computer?
Yes. Your unique passwords will allow you to use AccuStrength and its data wherever you happen to be. Show a friend, or take it on the road with you. Extra passwords are available. Just ask.

Is AccuStrength for intra day traders?
Yes. It will work with all Forex trading systems operating intraday. eg. 1 minute to 4 hours. Seeing the trends and activity of a single currency makes sense for all time frames and all traders exchanging foreign currencies. 

Data Renewal time?
You simply go to this page and re-purchase another term for the AccuStrength currency strength meter instantly at a wonderful discount. Renew or upgrade anytime.
Should you experience problems processing payments or would like to arrange alternative methods of payment, we are happy to work with you. Throughout your experience support is rapid and friendly. Contact us through email:

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  We are a Canadian company doing business worldwide. Our name is Tradetime Software.

Acquiring the AccuStrength currency strength charting platform comes with full access to the ten years of trading webinars, seminars, lessons on our screencast site

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Squeeze the most profit out of every forex trade . The AccuStrength currency strength meter will drive up your trading profits. Software, ebook and movies to show currency strength trading. This is the best strength chart money can buy!
Manufactured by: Tradetime Software
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