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10 DayS TO MAKE IT PAY for itself, Refund Policy

guarantee satisfied 7 days 

If you are not satisfied with AccuStrength, contact me within 10 days of your purchase.  

All  first time purchasers of AccuStrength will have 10 days to find out if this remarkable product will change the way they trade.  There are no refunds or adjustments beyond 10 days . (We enter into a long term contract for the Pro-Feed data for your contracted time period.)  This is how we can save you so much over most data packages.  Ownership transfer to another party is permitted.

As you will see, ten days is plenty of time to see the advantages of using a currency strength chart in your trading.  I am confident you will find the features and professional quality of the product is excellent. 

Tom Yeomans -  Tradetime Software

Nova Scotia Canada

The  10 days of data is added to your time when purchasing any plan. We have a remarkable uptime record of 99.3% over the last seven years.  

 We are a Canadian company doing business worldwide in currency strength tools. Our name is Tradetime Software.  We have been providing forex trading tools for speculative foreign exchange traders for 14 years.

There are no guarantees about data uptime although we make every effort to keep it flowing 24/7. We are dependant on our third party data supplier.