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Features like no other currency strength chart on the market.  Get the best to be the best!

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Updates for AccuStrength are instant and automatic. The currency strength chart tells you which currencies are strong and weak.  Results in better choices for FX traders. A remarkable forex trading tool.

AccuStrength in action! 

 Nothing compares to the features and abilities of desktop software for measuring fx strength. AccuStrength runs in all versions of Windows and on most MacPros.

spreadCurrency crosses happen all the time and there are strategies to take advantage of them using AccuStrength.

strenght drawing tools

multiple times The many features in AccuStrength reflect  years of fine tuning the platform. This is the best currency strength charting platform on the market.

currency trends

strength trade example

The AccuStrength shows the market in natural cycles. 

with side panel
Here is the single currency for the EUR represented on the currency meter chart.
without side panel
Here is the same currency strength but with the side panel removed.


Three ways to set the timing. Right click and you select from one hour to 2 days without scrolling


Above is the ForexSnap that is accessible using a web browser.

Quick button tools can be accessed faster than through the regular console manager or tab.


The Bounce


Currencies get exhausted and excited. When a currency hits a bounce area, they turn around.The ebook explains how to use these to your advantage. The great thing about trading bounce areas is that you only need one currency to go your way!

The photo above shows the CAD  in the upper bounce area and ready to return to the lower 2 area again.

tradesetup 2
Currency Crosses

 We call this a currency cross. You can see currency crosses clearly using the AccuStrength strength chart. We  have a special email or audio alert to warn you when these are about to occur. 

currency sross 2

The currency crossing signals an upcoming trade opportunity that allows you to take advantage of opportunities you would otherwise miss using a plain pair chart.

Currency Spreads

Trading currencies is easy when you have the right tools for the job:  

eurusd spreading

Drawing Tools

AccuStrength currency strength charting platform has all the drawing features you have come to expect from a charting package. A line drawing toolkit to see clear support and resistance levels. Save your setups as themes.


straight strength 

Custom time selections. The currency strength chart is completely adjustable.

history scrolling

Currency strength indicators use constant live time data instead of periods like a pair chart would use.