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Begin a common sense way of trading today'.


 The picture below is the ForexSnap web capable strength chart. The same data as AccuStrength with  less features but easy access using any Internet capable phone or computer device. Linux, BSD, Mac or Android and iphone.


The ForexSnap is included with each AccuStrength plan.



Updates for AccuStrength are instant and automatic. They are automatic and no bother.

On-Screen pictures and movies with AccuStrength. The following are the full blown currency strength chart images as it is performing in live time.

 Below is a common pattern of cross and bounce.. The strength pattern of the USD and the JPY as individuals are placed on the chart at the same time. 

spreadThis shows a currency meter strength crossing occurring at 10 am local time and proceeding to continue at a rapid rate towards its trending target. Currency strength crosses are used to  find activity since currencies do not like to remain equal to another. They have violent reactions which opens opportunities for short term trading techniques.

currencies Select from up to 10 individual currencies.. No other currency strength tool has the selection of pairs to choose from like this currency meter. Adding the two extra currencies allows us to have up to fifty forex pairs to do our calculations with. The accuracy is the hallmark of AccuStrength. Combine two or more individuals on the same screen to do multi-analysis. 

strenght drawing tools

multiple times Grid lines can be controlled. The many features in Accustrength reflect several years of fine tuning and refining the platform to give you the most useful tools a strength trader needs..

This full HD movie will explain the various features of AccuStrength and leave you wondering how you were able to trade without it. The movie runs about 17 minutes and will show you exactly how to operate the many features contained within the system. Its a forex chart with accustrength forex trading..

strength chart movies

New-accustrength-features-full-HD Movie

  • Self contained data
  • History and scrollback
    • Email alarms
    • Themes and customizing