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A powerful FX trading tool.

Currency Strength  analysis of  dozens of forex pairs produces profitable results.  AccuStrength measures  single currencies and charts their  strength or weakness.   

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The actual real-time strength or weakness of the top world currencies. AccuStrength displays them as singles or in combinations of currencies on a chart in a familiar form.

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Each foreign exchange currency has its own unique characteristics. Its own strengths and weaknesses.

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AccuStrength lets you see the trending direction of individual currencies.This Windows software program gives you a highly accurate reading of the strength or weakness for any individual currency on their own or in combinations. This allows you to fine tune entry and exit .

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History scrolling slider lets you go back in time to backtest or analyze..

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Select individual currencies.. No other currency strength tool has features like this currency strength meter. The accuracy is the hallmark of AccuStrength. Combine two or more individuals on the same screen to do multi-analysis.

  • History storage

  • Alerts (levels and currency crossovers). 

  • Trend line creation and advanced management

  • Customized Colors and themes

  • Adjustable timing

  • Built-in ProFeed strength data included

  • Trading eBook Included

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AccuStrength Professional Charting Platform

90 day Plan!


This three month ( 90 day) package covers data and windows software. You get the ForexGrail eBook. Everything to get started quickly.





Your special window into the foreign exchange.

"You use it with any broker or pair chart. It's a stand alone window into the market that every trader needs!" (Kelly Rathinsku)

The AccuStrength software is a "strength and weakness" charting platform displaying single currencies. It shows you the most profitable pair to use for each trade. 

History Scrollback

The screen  can show up to 96 hours on the chart at one time.  The little scrollbutton on the platform lets you go back another week and back test  your trading strategy.

Drawing Tools 

The Accustrength has a full collection of line drawing and marking tools. You can choose to have them stay on the moving line or be fixed on the chart .

Audio Alerts

You can create special levels and completely customize the sound to suit yourself..

Built-in, reliable Data Supply

No biased third party brokers. Accustrength contains its own data feed made up leading banks and redundant servers around the world.